Cloud Services

Mantle Services provides high-level management of a wide-range of cloud services critical for the success of most modern businesses, regardless of industry.

  • Needs Analysis
  • Migration of internal servers/mail to cloud-based solutions
  • Migration to cloud-based CRM
  • Integration of existing cloud implementations

Software Development

Mantle Services creates robust development solutions based on client-specific needs. Mantle Services' custom-built APIs sync information into and out of whatever internal and external sites are utilized. Unified views of your business processes can be made readily available.

  • API Development
  • Application Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Dashboards & Intranet
  • Security Auditing

Data Management

Mantle Services excels at the storage and extrapolation of large and disparate data sets. Whether 10,000 or 10 million rows of data must be maintained, Mantle Services provides the organization, security and speed necessary for customers to make informed business decisions.

  • Data Management Services, including:
    • Storage
    • Cleansing
    • Database Tuning
    • Backups
    • Hosting
  • Data Analysis (automated, or one-off analysis of large data sets)
  • Data Acquisition (crawling, mining and related services)

Web Design & Development

From simple brochure-site design to complex web development, e-commerce, content management and beyond, Mantle Services' team of professionals will be there for your business from conception to completion of your online presence.

  • Professional, responsive and modern design and branding
  • Content Management:
    • Custom-Built CMS Solution Implementation/Migration
    • Existing CMS Solution Implementation/Migration (Wordpress, etc)
  • SEO Considerations
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Web Server/Hosting Management
  • DNS/Domain Management